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Age 5-11

St. Ephrem Saturday School

The Idea of the Catechist school started on 7/03/2016 the call for meeting requested by Fr. Rahal & Fr. Youhanna to meet with Catechist Committee.
and first meeting was held on 9/03/2016 Which was the first meeting to establish the Catechist committee in our Syriac Catholic church in Sydney and agree to start Teaching by second term of schools on 23/04/2016

Responsibilities & Roles of the Syriac Catholic Church Catechists Committee

  1. Responsible for the spiritual , psychological &  Physical wellbeing and continuous formation of the catechists 

  2. Providing a curriculum for catechists and students 

  3. Ensure the provision of a high quality teaching of the holy scripture and faith in the Syriac catholic tradition 

  4. Educate student about the Syriac catholic holy Liturgy rite and spirituality 

  5. Preparation and implementation of activities for catechists and students

  6. Organize classrooms to better serve the curriculum 

  7. Ensure the safety of students , catechists and volunteers

  8. Responsibility to attend the formation sessions and meetings 

  9. Providing reports about progress and delivery of teaching 

Key Services

  1. First Holy Communion 

  2. Saturday Catechists school 

  3. Sunday Children’s services 

  4. English Language classes for new arrivals 

Saturday School Administration
Catechist Coordinator Raghdan Bashir to prepare and implement 

  1. Student registration forms for enrolment 

  2. Parents consent forms 

  3. Financial Plan & Budget 

  4. Providing Curriculum Catechists books for the Teachers & Students from Catholic Book Shop 

  5. Safety plan compliance with parish occupational health and safety management system & Plans 

  6. Ensure all Volunteers ( Teachers & People serving in this activity ) they have Work with children 

  7. Ensure all Teachers dealing directly with children sign the code of conduct for working with children and young people for Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney 

  8. Ensure all Catechists teachers  having Safety training course Within Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Training program 

Saturday School Program

Every Saturday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM 
Saint Ephrem  Saturday school start every year by the first week of the public schools program 
And having breaks same as public school programs for NSW 

Schools Classes

  1. MAMA MARY CLASS : Kinder Garden  & Year 1  ( 5 & 6 ) Years Old 

  2. SAINT NICHOLAS CLASS: Year 2 & Year 3  ( 7 & 8 ) Years Old 

  3. SAINT FRANCIS CLASS  : Year 4 & Year 5 & 6 ( 9 &10& 11 ) Years Old.


Curriculum selected
1-    Catholic Books for teaching in Public schools program ( Teachers Manuals & Activity books for Students ) 
2-    Movies for Teaching kids ( Saint Francis for kids series ) 

In the end of each Saturday Program the assembly praying hold to pray in three Languages the prayer of ( Our Father ) 
We start praying in Syriac Language as the earliest language for our History and culture

Then in Arabic Language as we learned during the time we lived within the Majority of Arabs, a
nd in English Language as we are now in Australia and our main Language is English Language.

We are not going to forget our faith and prayers because we change the language or change the place of living 

Every year in the end of the school time on December and before Christmas break 
We Celebrate in our Syriac Catholic Saturday school the Carols candles party with Santa clause gifts for all students 

As well as I want to add the Sunday Kids Service during the mass 
The teachers taking the kids in the Church hall in Saint Therese church in Fairfield Heights 
As Program during the mass time, there is either Movie or Teaching activity games for catechists or English Language Mass depends on Availability of the Priest for this service 

Join Us

أنظم لنا

We are meeting twice a month

Saturday morning from 10:00AM

Our Lady of the Rosary Church 18 Vine St, Fairfield NSW 2165

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